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Q: How to perform the same screen function?

A: T o attain   the same screen function of Apple phone ,  firstly mobile phone and Miroir products connected to the same WIFI network. Followed by iOS9.3 and above. Open the music screen on the mobile phone desktop, slide the finger from the bottom of the phone screen, select the middle of the right side of the "Airplay" menu, select the same screen device, select the mirror, you can start the Apple device iOS and Miroir system with the screen display. T o attain   the same screen function of android  phone [phone need to have the same screen function], firstly  mobile phone and Miroir products connected to the same WIFI network, open the music broadcast screen, connect the corresponding Miroir device, and you can start with the screen display

Q: Q: How to switch the video signal source?

A: Short press the remote control menu key "≡", in the pop-up shortcut menu, you can see the "source selection" option. You can switch the source by selecting through  the remote control

Q: How do the machines connect to the computer?

A: first, confirm the computer interface: HDMI
step 1: use the HDMI cable of the projector video interface to connect the computer and , and set the projector's signal source for the HDMI.
Step 2: Click the right mouse button to open the "screen resolution" option, and then select "connect to the projector", if not, then the performance of the computer and the projector failed to connect ,check whether the interface is loose
step 3: the desktop will jump out of the projector-related settings options, select "copy" and click "OK"
Step 4: After the installation is complete, the general computer's resolution will automatically adapt the projector, so that the output of the screen can achieve the best results

Q: How do I set U5 as a Bluetooth speaker?>

A: The projector's built-in speaker can be used as a Bluetooth speaker Note: First, the projector must be paired with the remote control
step 1: press the remote control [Bluetooth] key, flashing blue light that pairing success
Note: When the projector is turned on, press the remote control 【Bluetooth】 key, the projector's lamp would be turned off. step
step 2:when Bluetooth device paired with the projector , the projector lights turned into a fixed blue

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